'Teen Mom' Alum Farrah Abraham Dragged Over Odd 'It: Chapter 2' Video

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham returned to Los Angeles from her trip to Venice, and one of [...]

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham returned to Los Angeles from her trip to Venice, and one of the first things she did was go to a special It Chapter Two fun house Warner Bros. set up on Hollywood Boulevard last month. Abraham chronicled the trip on Instagram and her YouTube page, giving her followers a look at the intricate carnival used to promote the movie. The Instagram post was the target of critics, thanks in part to Abraham's poor spelling skills.

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According to BuzzFeed, the It Chapter Two Berry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse experience includes carnival games with water guns and ring toss. There is also a Ferris wheel and a creepy funhouse, covered with Pennywise the Clown images. Sunday is the last day of the experience.

Abraham shared a brief two-minute, 51-second edit of a 10-minute long YouTube video on Instagram. The clip showed Abraham and a friend playing some of the carnival games and walking through the haunted house.

"IT! CHAPTER 2 FUN HOUSE HORROW HOUSE," Abraham wrote in the caption, misspelling "horror" as "horrow."

"What's a horrow house?" one person asked.

"Good God can't even spell horror correct. Smh," another Instagram user wrote.

"All your videos are horrow," another added.

Others commented on some of the strange details in the video.

"Of course she didn't edit out the comment the guy made about her butt. Was that a random guy or someone paid to take the video?" one person asked.

"Is this supposed to be comedy too?" another wondered.

At the beginning of the videos, Abraham noted that she and her friend were allowed to skip the line, leading one Instagram user to wonder what Abraham did to earn that privilege.

"'We're going through the backdoor cause I don't wait in lines....' how the hell is she VIP, what has she done or contributed to society to earn VIP status???" the person wrote.

This was just the latest cringe-worthy video from the former MTV star. Last week, before she went to Venice, she shared her first "Docu-Comedy" sketch, which included a bizarre rant in which she accused 10-year-old daughter Sophia of being "manipulative." She shared the second "Docu-Comedy" skit on Sept. 4.

Between the two skits, Abraham had an adventurous trip to the Venice Film Festival, a prestigious event usually reserved for movie stars. During the trip, she had a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet and was criticized for Sophia's heavy make-up look. Some accused her of using Sophia as a prop when she took her daughter to another red carpet event.

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