'Teen Mom 3' Alum Alex Sekella Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend

Alex Sekella had an extra special Christmas this year after the Teen Mom 3 star's boyfriend of four years, Tim Peters, asked her to marry him.

The former MTV personality took to Instagram Wednesday to share photos of herself and Peters cuddling up by their Christmas tree, with the 25-year-old sporting a diamond ring on her left hand.

"A few days ago this incredible man asked me to be his wife," she captioned the photos, adding the hashtag "happily ever after."

Alex Sekella
(Photo: Instagram/Alex Sekella)

Her fans and followers were thrilled to see Sekella and her beau finally tying the knot.

"Congrats! I'm so happy for you! You deserve this!" one wrote.

"So happy for you!" another added.

Sekella, who is mom to 7-year-old daughter Arabella, definitely deserves her happy ending after her rocky relationship with the father of her daughter, Matt McCann, played out on both 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3.

McCann, who admitted to having a problem with drugs, is no longer involved with his daughter's life, Sekella revealed before the reality show was canceled in 2013, but it appears that Peters has stepped in as a father figure in the little girl's life.

Sekella, meanwhile, has largely stayed out of the spotlight after the end of Teen Mom 3, defending her decision in a lengthy Facebook post at the time.

"After finishing Teen Mom 3 and being told they weren't continuing, I said there and then that I'm done with filming, I'm wiping my hands clean of this and moving forward," she wrote. "So I'm sure when the discussion about pulling cast members from Teen Mom 3 for Teen Mom 2 my name was probably not even mentioned because they knew that I did not want it."

She added that she definitely doesn't regret leaving TV behind, continuing, "Honestly though that was the best decision I could of made. I've been able to start a normal life and start a REAL career that will last a very long time and benefit my children. I've also been able to find a real relationship that won't be picked and prodded at by the world to see."


"I have had a pretty drama free life since the end of Teen Mom 3 and I don't believe that any of that would've happened if I had not removed myself," she continued.

Photo credit: Instagram/Alex Sekella