'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Seemingly Shades Ex Over Child Support Requests

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry seemingly shaded her ex, Jo Rivera, over child support requests, in a new social media post.

According to In Touch, Lowry joked on Twitter that she "missed the fashion nova party last night" because she has "child support to pay."

The Fashion Nova party that she refers to is likely the recent launch event the brand did for their collaboration with rapper Cardi B, but the child support comment is almost certainly aimed at Rivera.

The two — who share one son, Isaac — have reportedly fought with one another about child support for some time, with Lowry recently revealing that Rivera filed legal paperwork to request that she pay child support to him.

"Jo has filed for child support. So, I am a firm believer that child support should be paid when it's needed," she said in her Coffee Convos podcast. "Jo had been paying child support for a long time and we were in the process of taking him off because we now have 50/50 custody so we switch every Sunday."

"I was going to take him off," she added. "I even, from the time he got 50/50 until now, I had even offered to him to pay, give him his money back because I didn't need his child support since we've had 50/50."

"I'm shocked not because he filed for child support because if he needs it, he needs it. I'm shocked in the way that he did it," Lowry went on to say. "He did it so sneaky…I feel like he was kind of plotting to do it behind my back…He was always the one preaching to me about talking things out before going to court."

Lowry is not the only reality TV star dealing with child support drama lately. Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are locked in a new child support battle, as Kardashian recently filed a request to have his payments decreased or reversed so that Chyna would have to pay him.


In the documents, Kardashian stated that he has lost a significant potion of his income due to his public feud with Chyna, and therefore he is incapable of paying the same amount that he was ordered to initially.

Chyna refutes his claims, and in the meantime a judge has halted all child support payments until the situation is sorted out.