'Teen Mom 2' Star Javi Marroquin's Girlfriend Says She Gave Birth Early After Medical Diagnosis

Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin and girlfriend Lauren Comeau welcomed son Eli Joseph Marroquin amid a scary medical diagnosis.

Speaking with Radar Online following baby Eli's Nov. 15 birth, the couple opened up about the moment they welcomed their first child into the world, revealing that Comeau's labor was induced several weeks early after she was diagnosed with preeclampsia.

"I was induced at 37 weeks and four days," Comeau revealed. "I had mild preeclampsia. My blood pressure was high. There was protein in my urine. They wanted to get me in there and get the baby out before it got worse."

Prior to being diagnosed, Comeau had been sent for a number of ultrasounds, something that signaled to Marroquin that something was "off." While driving to Atlantic City, they got the scary call that Comeau would have to be induced, something that had not previously been discussed.

"My doctor mentioned nothing about being induced," Comeau said. "Then we were driving down to Atlantic City on Friday. A woman called to talk about my induction. I was like my what? When is that happening? I was sobbing! It was scary. We think we have three more weeks and then they're like, it's five days. I had to get my whole family here. It was overwhelming."

The new mom checked into the hospital on Wednesday, Nov. 14 and was put on an IV medication that "knocked her out." The next morning, she was well into labor.

"The next morning I was 5 cm dilated. We tried to push through the contractions. I did for about three hours," she said. "It was miserable. I got an epidural. The next 2-3 hours were enjoyable, but then the hour of pushing was really stressful."

After about "30 minutes of pushing" that was "pretty painful," baby Eli made his entrance into the world, the couple making the exciting announcement that same day.

"Mom and baby are doing great. It was me, her mother and her sister-in-law in the delivery room," Marroquin said.

Although at the time of the announcement they admitted that they had not yet been able to settle on a name, they announced days later that they had chosen to name their first child Eli Joseph Marroquin – Joseph after Comeau's father, who goes by Joe, and for her grandfather's middle name.


While the couple described Eli as "pretty mellow," they had had a few sleepless and long nights with their newborn.