'Teen Mom 2': Leah Messer Slams MTV Over Texting and Driving Footage

Leah Messer is no stranger to lashing out at MTV over her portrayal on Teen Mom 2, whether it is earned or not. Her latest criticism came on Twitter after she was apparently shown texting and driving on the series.

"Of course it would be edited to where it looks like I'm texting and driving the entire time," the reality star wrote on social media. "I'm NOT always texting and driving but I'm totally aware that I shouldn't text and drive AT ALL." Messer included a facepalm emoji in the middle of the tweet and closed it out with a kiss emoji.

She later added that the MTV isn't manipulating the footage, they're just choosing the ones where she is texting and driving.

"It's not edited 'wrong' but most of the time I'm driving and NOT texting," Messer responded to a critic. "They could use that but of course they use the time I was texting which could be some of the same times [laugh out loud]."

The Teen Mom 2 star found plenty of critics and defenders on the post itself.

"So all seasons have been edited to make it look like you text and drive? I think not Leah!" One fan wrote, adding in some criticism about her child's car seat to boot.

"Such bold words from all of these people who AREN'T filmed and recorded 24/7," one supporter wrote in Messer's defense. "Install a GoPro in your cars for a month and THEN you can judge someone for texting and driving."

"You're a good mother it's really messed up when people can't praise each other instead they have to find the small things to rip them down about," another defender wrote.

Messer has previously ripped the way the MTV handles Teen Mom 2. Just last week, the reality star blasted the network over the upcoming reunion production.

"So f—ing annoyed with this reunion bulls—," Messer posted on Twitter. "Can the weekend just be over and can there be a solid plan already? [bulls—] [over it] How hard does it really have to be!?!?"

The reality star is typically not attracted to the drama with the series, with a fan pointing out that Leah using curse words was a bad sign and pushing her to respond saying, "I'm pissed."

"I'm just saying if what you wanted has been accommodated just get on with it and if not do whatever you have to do. Have a solid decision! It's everyone's schedule being messed with. It's all crazy. Nothing is the same anymore and it's honestly sad," Messer later added.

Messer is also no stranger to tossing shade at her co-stars, previously making comments about Jenelle Evans' road rage incident last season on the show. In July 2018, Messer retweeted a Teen Mom fan page gif showing a baby with a full diaper dancing and the words, "GUYS!!! NEXT WEEK WE GET TO SEE THE ROADRAGE SCENE!!!!"


It hasn't all stresses with the series for Messer. She's also recently dealt with her daughter being hospitalized for an infection back in March. According to a recent Instagram post, it was an emergency but the 6-year-old kept her smile intact.

"[Addalynn] never lost her spirit," the MTV star dropped on Instagram Live last month. "She was still so funny. The doctor in the ER was like, 'Man, she has such a personality to be 6 years old, and I was like, 'Oh, you haven't seen nothing yet'...She definitely proved me right by talking and laughing and goofing off in the ER."