'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Prompts Plastic Surgery Rumors With New Look

Leah Messer's changing look has fans convinced that she dabbled with more than a skincare routine and fancier makeup.

The Teen Mom 2 cast member has sparked plastic surgery rumors over the last few months, but a new snap of the 25-year-old has led followers to assume she took a trip to plump up her pout.

Messer's Snapchat video on Monday showed her pouting and attempting to make silly faces while she was "exhausted," she told followers.

(Photo: Snapchat / Leah Messer)

But fans noticed her seemingly-plumped lips and lack of expression and claimed that cosmetic fillers were likely to blame.

"Lip fillers and botox," a fan wrote on Reddit of the snap. "I think she looked better without it. She can hardly move her face. Why do these girls do it to themselves?"

"I don't think she looks bad at all. Until she tried to make a crazy face. Then it looks obvious," another argued.

Others suggested that Messer has "been hangin out with Kail too long," referencing Teen Mom castmate Kailyn Lowry. Lowry has admitted to getting a Brazilian butt lift and lip fillers, but denies claims that she enlarged her breasts — which she is currently considering having reduced. She also admitted in January that she had scheduled to have extensive plastic surgery during a trip to Miami, but she backed out at the last minute.

Instead of getting "lipo & a boob job," she vowed to spend the money on a nutritionist and would go back to hitting the gym.

Fans began questioning Messer's changing look in November when she appeared on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special on MTV.

"Is it just me or does Leah's face look really different?" a fan tweeted, adding, "I can't say what it is exactly though."

Messer previously shared with fans that she wears extensions, has upped her makeup skills and began a more intense skin regimen, contributing to her serious makeover. But even with her candid attitude, some fans couldn't help but suspect that the mom of three had work done behind-the-scenes — and that didn't sit well with the reality personality.

"The fact that you guys seriously think I've had some kind of plastic surgery… The skincare line I use is pretty phenomenal tho," she wrote following the show. In another message, she added, "The fact that so many STILL think I've had plastic surgery… I'm not opposed to some great b**bs, but no."

But fans were right that Messer's face had changed; she revealed on Twitter that she had a procedure done to improve her smile.


"I didn't get veneers but I have temp filling on my top two eye teeth," she wrote on Twitter. Castmate Chelsea Houska's dentist father Randy chimed in to explain that the process is called "aesthetic bonding."

According to Messer, the tweaks to her teeth are the only part of her body that is not au naturale.