'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Speaks out About Leah Messer Friendship Amid Fears Over 'Cult' Allegations

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry appeared to confirm reports that she confronted her friend and co-star Leah Messer over allegations Messer joined a cult. On Friday, Radar Online claimed their relationship was "on the rocks," but Lowry refuted that on Twitter. She told fans the situation will not affect their friendship.

"Just wanted to tweet that even though there's some stuff going around about Leah & myself, I truly came from a good place & expressed my concerns to HER," Lowry tweeted. "We worked it out & this will not affect our friendship."

Back in October, Radar Online reported that Messer, 27, joined a group called Mastery in Transformational Training, which has been accused of being a cult.

On Friday, Teen Mom fan Rachel Chitwood told Radar Online that she received a call from Messer on Dec. 1, after Messer asked fans on Instagram Live if anyone was interested in joining MITT.

"She had called but it was from a blocked number," Chitwood told the outlet. "She started telling me about the program and stuff. And we brought up the conversation about how people thought it was a cult."

According to Chitwood, Messer insisted MITT was not a cult. They exchanged numbers and Chitwood became interested in joining. But then Lowry reached out to her to warn about the alleged cult after Chitwood posted about joining and tagged Messer.

"Leah then reposted it to her Instagram and that's when Kail reached out to me warning me," Chitwood said. "Kail tried warning me and I kind of blew her off about the whole thing. But then I had to apologize when I realized this is serious."

Chitwood told Messer she could not afford to attend an MITT conference in January, and Messer tuned "mad and became mean."

Lowry also texted Chitwood, "those types of programs target weak people who can be manipulated" and "I don't want to lose her as a friend but I also don't think any of this is ok," according to Radar. The outlet published screenshots of the text conversations Chitwood had with the Teen Mom 2 stars.

Fans began getting concerned about Messer joining MITT in October. That month, she shared an Instagram post with friends, adding the caption, "A powerful, strong, trusting force we are! I love each and every single one of you!! You can count on my word! Each one of you have changed my life and we will forever be connected!! I AM A POWERFUL, CONNECTED, INSPIRATIONAL LEADER! I LOVE ALL OF YOU."

One of the people tagged in the photo shared another image with Messer, including the caption "MITT 16 Heaven."


MITT training is linked to Lifespring training, which was previously owned by John Hanley. His training has allegedly led to the deaths of six people. There are three MITT training sessions. They cost $495, $1,195 and $1,595 each.

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