'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Sparks Outrage With Photos of New Dog

Kailyn Lowry took a lot of backlash online this week when she posted photos of her new dog. The Teen Mom 2 star took in a new Can Corso, but some fans already thought she was mistreating it. They noted that the dog's ears were cropped, and argued that this was cruel.

Lowry has been through a lot when it comes to pets. Just last month, her beloved dog Bear passed away. Lowry decided to fill his place with another canine, and on Thursday she posted photos of her pup, Karma.

Lowry introduced Karma on Twitter on Thursday evening, with three adorable photos. The puppy has the bright blue eyes and short snout of her breed, as well as the short-cropped ears. It was these that fans took issue with.

Before long, Lowry had hundreds of replies from fans condemning the practice of ear-cropping. Some questioned whether Lowry had gotten the alteration done herself, and accused her of supporting animal cruelty either way.

"Please tell me you didn't clip his ears," one person wrote. "Wtf is wrong with you. I'm done."

"Omg what j—s that cut off her ears," wrote another with a broken heart emoji. Please tell us you rescued and did not pay someone."

Others defended Lowry and the practice of ear-cropping in general. One person posted a screenshot from a Cane Corso website, which claimed that uncropped ears are safer for the bread, as they prevent cartilage break-down.

A few days later, Lowry addressed the controversy on her Instagram Story. In the midst of a Q&A with fans, the question of cropped ears came up, and Lowry had a simple answer.

"I've seen clipped ears but hers look a lil to [sic] clipped js," one fan wrote.

"Welp, her ears were like that when we got her and I really don't care. She's perfect," Lowry replied.

Of course, that was not the only thing Lowry took heat for. A few people wrote that it was irresponsible for Lowry to bring a Cane Corso puppy into the same house as young children. This was probably not a huge concern for Lowry, who had trained Bear the Rottweiler before. One fan even recalled that before Karma, Lowry had thought about getting a Doberman.

"What happened to you getting Dobermans??" someone asked on Instagram.

"Didn't really work out and a I came across someone with Cane Corso puppies," she explained lightly.

As for the kids, Lowry was so unconcerned that she even noted she was not taking more kids off the table for her future.


"Is Karma the name you were saving for your actual human baby girl??" one person asked.

"Nope! [I'm] saving my human daughter name for if I ever have one lol," Lowry answered.