'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry Hints at Wanting a Daughter in the Future

Kailyn Lowry may not be done having children just yet. The Teen Mom 2 star just welcomed a new puppy into her family, but she revealed that there could be an "actual human baby girl" in her future.

Lowry revealed her new puppy, Karma on Twitter this week. The reality star posted photos of the dog, then later tweeted an article about her as well. The news was decried as "clickbait," as fans thought that the outlet and Lowry were intentionally making it look like she was announcing a pregnancy, not a puppy.

Still, Lowry later revealed that another baby was not totally out of the realm of possibility. On Friday night, she hosted a Q&A session her Instagram Story, where she fielded multiple questions about Karma. One fan asked if she had originally had the name ear-marked for something else.

"Is Karma the name you were saving for your actual human baby girl??" the fan asked.

"Nope! [I'm] saving my human daughter name for if I ever have one lol," Lowry answered.

Of course, this means that Lowry is still open to the possibility of a baby in her future, which was news to some fans. Lowry has three children already, and is not in a steady romantic relationship as far as fans know.

Lowry had her youngest son, Lux Russell Lowry, with her friend Chris Lopez. Their relationship is difficult to parse at times, as they were clearly once intimate, but in general don't seem to be romantic. These days, the two are happy co-parents, keeping things cordial on TV and on social media. However, there is nothing to suggest that another baby would be on the table for them.

Lowry has talked at length about her own sexuality and her love life, which has been relatively stagnant since her divorce from Javi Marroquin in 2016. Lowry opened up in a YouTube video titled "Assumptions About Me," saying that she is not as promiscuous as many fans think.

"This is funny to me because I see why people would get that impression or assume that. I get it," she said. "If you literally ask the people closest to me, even guys that I hang out with, they will tell you. I don't sleep with them. They know I don't sleep around. I don't sleep around."

In that same video, Lowry also noted that her sexual identity can be a moving target at times. When a fan suggested that she is "not sure" of her orientation, she said that she has no interest in pinning it down with labels.


"I don't think that I'm not sure. I just think that I don't label myself. I don't think that I'm gay, straight, bisexual. I just love people," she said.

Lowry returns to TV for Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 this Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.