'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry Gives Clear Statement on Ex's Baby News

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry did not mince words as she discussed the fact that her ex, Chris Lopez, was having a child with another woman. Although, technically, she didn't say much, at all. During the episode, Lowry told the production team that she was not allowed to comment on Lopez's baby news. However, that didn't prevent her from commenting on how this news will affect the two children whom she shares with Lopez — sons Lux and Creed. 

The episode featured Lowry's Instagram Story post in which she wished Lopez well in advance of the birth of his third child. However, when a producer asked her about the matter, she said that Lopez asked her not to speak about it. Still, she acknowledged how she feels in regards to her children getting a half-sibling. The reality star even said that she hopes that once Lopez's baby is born that he won't want anything to do with Lux and Creed, likely due to her own hot and cold relationship with him. While she wasn't on great terms with Lopez, she did say that she wants her sons to have a relationship with their new sibling. 

Lowry went on to say that she wants her ex to either be all in or all out when it comes to co-parenting their sons. She said that because he lives an hour away, it makes co-parenting all the more difficult. If he did move closer, Lowry said that it would be possible for him to be more involved in their kids' lives. The producer then asked whether Lowry addressed the fact that Lopez isn't around with Lux and Creed. She responded that they simply don't talk about it and added that she didn't want to talk about it with the producer either. 

By the end of the episode, Lopez's third child, a baby boy, had been born. A producer asked Lowry about the news, but she again stated that she could not talk about it. The Teen Mom 2 star also said that she had been in contact with her lawyer the day before and they told her that she should not be commenting on the matter. She then exited the scene and left her friends and the production team to discuss details about Lopez's baby.