'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Defends Decision to Have Second Child With Ex Chris Lopez

Kailyn Lowry is defending having another child with on-off boyfriend Chris Lopez while also criticizing him as a deadbeat dad. The Teen Mom 2 star, who announced she was pregnant with her fourth child earlier this month, has since regularly criticized Lopez, with whom she also shares 2-year-old son Lux, telling one fan on Twitter Wednesday that she "can't remember the last time he's done anything for Lux!"

Upon reading this, one of Lowry's followers asked why she would then decide to have a second child with him, prompting a sharp response from the MTV personality about her motives.

Lowry's followers weren't having it, with one replying, "Regardless of how it happened you were obviously being irresponsible."

"Quit having babies for deadbeats," another wrote. "You earned your misery."

The Coffee Convos host originally didn't disclose who the father of her child was when announcing her pregnancy, posting a photo with sons Isaac, 10, Lincoln, 6, and Lux looking at her sonogram.

"We're confirming the news, baby #4 is coming soon! I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant & it's been a rough few months this time around," she wrote. "I've had nausea, morning sickness, and absolutely no energy. This week I'm starting to feel a bit better and I'm really hoping it stays this way!"

While Lopez soon made it clear on social media that it was he who was the baby's father, Lowry and Lopez have a long and complicated history. During last month's Teen Mom 2 reunion, Lowry said of their relationship at the time of filming, "There's no co-parenting right now. Right now, he is just working and going to therapy as far as I know. Working on himself. And I know he will see Lux when the time is right."


Photo credit: MTV