'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Ripped for Filming TikTok at Hospital During Mom's Surgery

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans took some heat on Oct. 30 when she posted a pair of TikTok videos from a doctor's office where her mother, Barbara, was undergoing eye surgery. Some found the video to be in poor taste, while others shared well-wishes for her mother. The videos surfaced a few days after Evans and ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith reached a new custody agreement over their 6-year-old son Kaiser.

In both TikTok posts, Evans tried to dance without getting up to "HOOPLA" by KyleYouMadeThat and "Say I Yi Yi" by Ying Yang Twins. "Learning dances while waiting on my mom when she got eye surgery," Evans wrote in the first caption. "Someone ended up walking in at the end so I acted like I was tying my shoes," she added in the second, alongside laughing and skull emojis. In both clips, Evans is wearing a face mask to follow coronavirus guidelines.


😂😂😂 someone ended up walking in at the end so I acted like I was tying my shoes ☠️☠️☠️

♬ Say I Yi Yi - Ying Yang Twins

Some Eason fans found the videos to be inappropriate. "I can't even. The second-hand embarrassment I'm feeling right now," one person wrote. "Imagine seeing a grown woman doing this in the hospital waiting room how embarrassing," another wrote on Reddit, reports The Sun. Another person called the video an "epic fail."

Most of the comments left on the TikTok videos were positive though. "If there were security cameras I bet they loved watching this," one fan wrote. "Sending prayers for your sweet momma!!" another added. "It makes me happy to see y'all getting [along]," another wrote, referring to Evans' difficult relationship with her mother.

A few days before Evans shared the hospital videos, she had some good news to share. Last month, a judge signed off on the custody terms between Evans and Griffith. Evans kept primary custody of Kaiser, while Griffith has custody every other weekend. On every fifth weekend, Griffith's mother will take care of Kaiser and will also fill in if Griffin is unable to spend time with Kaiser. There is also a holiday schedule, where Kaiser spends Thanksgiving with Evans on even years and Griffith on odd years. On Christmas morning, Kaiser will spend time with Evans, and then will spend the afternoon through Dec. 26 and 27 with his father. Griffith also gets six weeks with Kaiser after the school year ends. Griffith and Evans will decide where they can exchange their son and are barred from speaking poorly about each other in front of him.


Evans and her husband, David Eason, temporarily lost custody of their children after Eason shot and killed their dog in April 2019. Custody was restored in June 2019. Evans is also mother to 11-year-old son Jace, whom she shares with ex Andrew Lewis; and 3-year-old daughter Ensley, whom she shares with Eason.