Jenelle Evans Claims She's Leaving Twitter After 'Teen Mom 2' Fans Accuse Her of Shading Leah Messer

Jenelle Evans claims she's done with Twitter after Teen Mom 2 fans accused her of criticizing [...]

Jenelle Evans claims she's done with Twitter after Teen Mom 2 fans accused her of criticizing former co-star Leah Messer in a tweet about addiction. Messer opened up about her struggle with substance abuse on Tuesday's episode of the MTV show, tweeting more about her desire to "end the stigma" of looking for help while struggling with addiction in a series of tweets on Oct. 27.

"It was very evident I struggled with addiction, but I don't feel like anyone should ever feel ashamed to open up and reach for support. How are we supposed to recover if we are shamed and ridiculed?" she tweeted during the show. "Your support and love matters. Addiction can happen to anyone! #EndTheStigma." At the same time, Evans penned her own tweet about addiction, cryptically addressing an unnamed person and pressuring them to "tell the truth."

When fans first started accusing Evans of watching her old show and tweeting negatively about Messer, she first responded, "Y'all have no idea [what the f—] I'm even talking about... but go ahead keep assuming," following up soon after, "If I tweet anything it's always taken the wrong way." She then claimed her tweet had "nothing to do with anyone from the show," insisting it was about an "old friend of mine from high school."

She then specifically denied the tweet was about Messer, writing, "I wish you all would stop associating me with the show. Let's all move on now. Thanks!" The denial didn't do much to dissuade her followers, however, leading Evans to vow she was leaving Twitter altogether due to the "drama that's being started out of thin air."

It wasn't exactly a grand exit, as Evans' followers piled on, accusing her of "playing the victim" when she was the one who initially tweeted. Others pointed out that the former MTV cast member seems to exit Twitter a lot, only to return hours or days later.

Messer opened up about her experience with addiction in her new book, Hope, Grace & Faith, telling PopCulture in August she felt it helped her "close out the chapters of [her] life there." Speaking out about her experience with her daughters was part of that. "My girls are getting ready to go into middle school, and there's nothing I would want to hide from them," she explained. "I'm not perfect; they're not going to be perfect. We're all imperfectly perfect. ...Even with addiction, I want them to understand what can happen if they go down that path and how scary it can be."