'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evan's Husband David Eason: Will He Go to Jail?

Will David Eason go to jail? Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' husband is reportedly under criminal investigation for shooting and killing the family dog — and he also reportedly faces unpaid child support payments to his ex.

TMZ reports that if Eason doesn't pay the child support owed to his ex, Olivia Leedham, by Friday, that he could wind up in jail. The two had a son together after dating briefly in 2013, and have reportedly been locked in a custody battle ever since. Leedham took him to court, claiming Eason shoved her when she was eight months pregnant and left her in the middle of a road at night when she was seven months pregnant.

The news outlet reports that Eason has fallen thousands of dollars behind in child support, with his deadline to pay falling on Friday.

The outlet also reports that the 30-year-old is under criminal investigation for shooting and killing Evans' French bulldog named Nugget after it snapped at their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley at their North Carolina home. Eason admitted to killing the animal on Instagram, while Evans took to the social media platform to grieve the loss of the family pet.

Evans told Us Weekly that Eason shot and killed the dog in the woods behind their house. She added that she is "too hurt and upset" to speak to her husband of nearly two years.

"It's taking time to get over this whole situation, and it's making me feel he's very cruel and doesn't have a heart on many ends," Evans admitted.

"At this time, we are dealing with this rough situation. I want to focus on what's best for me and my kids," Evans, 27, explained. "[Divorce is] in thoughts, but nothing is finalized."

In a string of text messages between Evans and a friend that was published by Celebuzz, Evans wrote, "I didn't see anything what happened and he took the dog outside and hit her. Like I didn't see him shoot the dog and didn't see her body or anything becuz [sic] I didn't want to."

Evans went on to claim that Eason yelled to her "Your dog is dead I wouldn't come over here" and she yelled back.

In a later string of messages, Evans claims Eason is "going to jail tomorrow and he's freaking out."


"He's begging me to come home and telling me he regrets what he did and he's sorry. And I'm like, 'I'm sorry I don't care... Nugget won't come back,'" she wrote. "He still won't answer me."