'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans Allegedly Using Walt Disney World Trip to Keep Son From Her Ex

Another round of Jenelle Evans' feud with ex Nathan Griffith is starting, and this one is over a [...]

Another round of Jenelle Evans' feud with ex Nathan Griffith is starting, and this one is over a trip to Walt Disney World.

The Teen Mom 2 personality took all three of her children to the Florida amusement park at the end of September. However, Griffith was allegedly not made aware of the trip and was expecting to have custody of Kaiser, his only child with Evans, that weekend.

"It's unfair," an alleged "insider" told Radar Online. "It's Nathan's weekend and he had to find out on social media he was down there."

Apparently this action by Evans is just the latest in a series of events that have prevented Griffith from seeing his son. He could not visit as Hurricane Florence was hitting the area, and then Evans has told him not to visit the following weekend due to Kaiser suffering from an alleged illness. That allegedly meant Griffith was supposed to have Kaiser on Sept. 29 and 30, but Evans whisked her family away for the weekend.

"She switches weekends all the time," the source said. "It was originally his weekend when the hurricane hit, then she was going to allow him to have Kaiser last weekend and last minute that we was sick. So technically this weekend was supposed to be his."

The source added, "They have their differences and both have done their wrongs, but at the end of the day, Kaiser is what's most important."

This allegation ties into previous statements from Griffith. He recently told Radar Online that Evans was repeatedly using Kaiser's alleged illnesses to keep them apart.

"I was halfway there and she told me he's sick," he said. "Every single time he's sick. She tells me she needs to take him to the doctor."

The feud between the two was also spilled over to social media, with Griffith venting his frustrations on Twitter. Evans then hit back at those claims, claiming if Griffith actually cared, he would have at least called and talked to Kaiser on the phone.

"Why don't you try calling your son instead of posting this?" Evans wrote. "[Laugh out loud] you still haven't called even tho you love to b— on here. This is getting ridiculous with you. ... Want to see the paperwork from your lawyer sent to me?! I'll text you if since I don't blast everything on here."

Evans has not responded to the report as of press time.