'Teen Mom 2' Cast Member Javi Marroquin Defends 'Mean' Kailyn Lowry

Looks like Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry are back to good after a rough couple of months.

The Teen Mom 2 exes have been sniping at each other through the tabloids and on social media since October, but after a fan called out the 25-year-old mother for being "mean" to her ex-husband during the Being Javi special Tuesday, Marroquin defended his ex-wife's behavior.

"[Javi Marroquin] how do you deal with [Kail Lowry] being so mean to you and keeping so calm?" one fan tweeted at the MTV cast member.

It was at this point that Lowry jumped into the conversation. "Yeah, Javi...how do you deal with that?" she replied.

Marroquin then stepped in to take responsibility for his part in the dissolution of their relationship. "[Laughing my a— off] At the time, I was causing a lot of damage to the people around me especially Rae Rae," he said, referring to Lowry by her middle name. "Moving forward I see she does have my back through it all and I need to do the same for her."

Marroquin and Lowry have been struggling to maintain their co-parenting relationship on behalf of 4-year-old son Lincoln after their 2016 divorce, especially with Marroquin's dramatic if short-lived, relationship with Teen Mom 2 castmate Briana DeJesus, whom he dated from October 2017 to January 2018.

Throughout those months, DeJesus, Marroquin and Lowry regularly got into heated arguments on social media, which eventually caused the former married couple to cancel the launch of their book tour and declare themselves "not cool."

Marroquin's family also said some pretty horrible things about the mother of three on Tuesday's Being Javi special.

"Javi is a lover," his cousin Valeria said. "He just wants to be in love and wants to have that person."

And despite the ups and downs with his ex, his cousin Lydia said, "even on those bad days, you could still tell he loved [Lowry]." In contrast, she added, "I never got that vibe of her genuinely loving you and saying, 'That's my man.'"


But things appear to have turned a corner after Marroquin and DeJesus' split, with the 25-year-old appearing on Lowry's podcast, Coffee and Convos, in January.

Photo credit: MTV