'Teen Mom 2' Fans Think This Photo Proves Jenelle Evans Is Being Abused

Speculation that Teen Mom 2 cast member Jenelle Evans is being abused by new husband David Eason began long ago, but some fans think the 25-year-old's latest photo proves the rumors true.

The selfie Evans posted last week is meant to be advertising her new lip color line, but fans were quick to point out faded red marks on the MTV cast member's neck. Some even went so far as to try and enhance the photo using different filters.

"[Why is] your chest red? Is it an allergic reaction to your makeup or to David's hands?" one person aaked.

"What are those red marks on your neck?? Did David do that to you?" another chimed in.

"Is it just me or does her neck look bruised?" someone said.

Others called the accusations a far reach.

"People are so quick to judge!! I get a red chest like that sometimes from just even being out in the SUN!" one person wrote.

"Could be from her kids, heat rash, complexion, medication reaction....stop stirring the damn pot," another said.

"Omg she probably just itched herself. I get red like that too when I do that," another said.

Evans and Eason's relationship definitely appears volatile on screen, but Evans says is only looks that way because of "deceptive editing" on the part of MTV.

She previously threatened to quit the show because of the way her story was edited, but has recently been advertising her new Teen Mom special, The Ex Files.


During last week's half of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Eason forcing his wife to leave after Dr. Drew called him "aggressive" also sparked rumors of abuse. He also reportedly pulled a knife after the filming of the reunion, although Evans has spoken out to say he only did so to pop balloons in anger after the bartender refused to serve him.

The second half of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.