'Teen Mom 2' Fans Notice Jenelle Evans' Dog Scene That Doesn't Age Well

Since Jenelle Evans was fired from the hit MTV series Teen Mom 2, she's made headlines involving her husband David Eason. In 2019, Eason shot and killed their family dog Nugget after the family pet bit their daughter Ensley, and this did not sit well with a lot of people. Now, fans are recalling an episode during Season 5 when she was accused of animal abuse.

During Season 5, episode 17, Evans was heavily criticized for how she handled a situation involving her and her ex Nathan Griffith's dog while he was serving a 30-day sentence in jail. Griffith's dog kept finding its way out of the cage and then using the house as its bathroom. Evans wasn't pleased with this and wanted to find a solution.

In the meantime, Griffith's dog kept biting her dog and so she temporarily let her dog outside to prevent that from continuing. After purchasing a new dog crate and struggling to put it together, she finally assembled the crate and attempted to put the dog inside of it. After failing a number of times, she decided to open the door and let both of the dogs outside in the same area after Griffith's dog showed aggression. This infuriated fans, resulting in MTV making a statement at the end of the episode.

The statement read, "Since the incident, Jenelle has worked hard to take better care of their dogs and to be a loving and responsible pet owner," according to a post on Reddit. The episode aired in 2014, five years prior to the incident involving Eason. Fans are now remembering that moment and once again, it's not going over well with them.


In 2019, Eason shot and killed their dog Nugget and has since continued to show signs of aggression towards animals. In late 2020, Eason killed and ate their family goat. Not only did he inform his followers of this, but he showed graphic photos on his social media, including showing the goat's head in a trash can. Evans also took in a pregnant dog that she found as a stray on the streets following all of this and fans resisted to the idea of her doing that after her history with animals.

"Whoever left this dog chained outside being pregnant in 35 degree weather is beyond me but lucky she found us and we gave her a warm spot to sleep since then," she wrote at the time. Fans were irate at the fact that she would be raising 10 animals considering her past, which has resulted in them recalling all the moments in time she's been accused of not treating animals well.