'Teen Mom 2' Husband David Eason's Next Issue: A 2018 Illegal Truck-Towing Incident

Amid David Eason and Jenelle Evan's latest drama nags an old legal issue from Eason's past that he's due to square off with in the next coming weeks.

Eason is due in court in New Hanover County, North Carolina, on June 3 to face charges of tampering with a vehicle and injury to personal property. The charges stem from a June 2018 incident in which the fired Teen Mom 2 cast member illegally towed a stranger's truck.

Although the incident took place nearly a year ago, charges weren't filed until after Eason uploaded the video to YouTube in December. In the clip's caption, Eason bragged, "Learn the right way to deal with A$$holes who think it's cool to block you in a parking space."

In the video, which was filmed by Evans, the 27-year-old mom of three can be heard laughing and egging her husband on.

"If you're going to park this close, and there's no money in the meter..." Evans said. "Pulled that motherf—er out of the way."

The truck owner, Terry Hill, ultimately pressed charges against Eason after the video made headlines. Although the Wilmington Police Department in North Carolina tweeted that no charges would be filed, as Hill declined to press charges, just a few hours later, Hill appeared to change his mind.

"UPDATE: Hill has decided to press charges. An officer is meeting with him to assist in paperwork/taking a report. Once completed, WPD will take appropriate action to charge Eason," the department tweeted at the time.

Hill told WECT about his decision to change his mind: "I went home last night, and I was talking with my wife, and she says, 'Somebody has to stop this guy,' and the viewers that we talked to on her computer, they said, 'Y'all need to press charges,' and so I decided I would."

"I'm going to try to do my best to be a law-abiding citizen, and he needs to do the same thing," he continued. "From the reports I looked at and the videos I've seen, somebody has got to stop him. He's going to cause a lot of trouble."

The charges are just the latest legal issue Eason faced in recent weeks, as he also owed back child support to his ex, Olivia Leedham. The two had a son together after dating briefly in 2013 and have reportedly been locked in a custody battle ever since. Leedham took Eason to court, claiming he shoved her when she was eight months pregnant and left her in the middle of a road at night when she was seven months pregnant. TMZ reported that Eason eventually paid the child support payment.


Eason most recently made headlines for admittedly shooting and killing his and Evans' family dog, Nugget, after he claimed it bit their 2-year-old daughter. Shortly after the incident, MTV fired Evans, who has been receiving noticeably less airtime on the current season of Teen Mom 2. The star has been open about the difficultly of finding times to film for the show without Eason, who was fired by the network over a year ago following a homophobic Twitter rant.