'Teen Mom 2' Briana DeJesus Weighs in on Javi Marroquin Cheating Rumors

Briana DeJesus is denying she ever claimed ex Javi Marroquin had cheated on her with girlfriend Lauren Comeau, who just gave birth to their son Eli last week.

The Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter Tuesday after Marroquin and Comeau denied that he had cheated on DeJesus before their split in February 2018 to Radar earlier in the day, even giving an exact day they conceived their child—March 10.

In a series of tweets DeJesus quickly deleted, she said her words had been twisted, and that she hadn't accused Marroquin of cheating on her, despite pointing out the date of her plastic surgery, when she and Marroquin reunited, in relationship to Comeau's due date.

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(Photo: Twitter/Briana DeJesus)

In a series of points, DeJesus clarified that "never ever did I wish bad upon anyone," and that "never ever did I say anyone cheated on me," saying her surgery comment was "the only comment that ever came out my mouth."

She added that articles shared by many of the Teen Mom 2 stars about her comments "don't come from me."

Briana Dejesus javi marroquin tweets
(Photo: Twitter/Briana DeJesus)

"I get texts everyday (sic) to comment on stuff," she continued of her comments. "I answer the questions politely and move forward. From [InTouch Weekly], Radar and whatever other press that reaches out."

Regardless of DeJesus' intentions, Comeau went into her relationship timeline with Marroquin at length in the interview with Radar.

"I'll tell you the day I conceived! March 10. We know the timeline… We know when we conceived," Comeau said, adding that she gave birth three weeks early due to medical complications. "We haven't seen each other in February. There was no possible way of cheating."

"It's frustrating. You have been a mom twice now. You've had crappy pregnancies. You have been dealing with issues. You haven't had the support during your pregnancies. Why would you wish that on a first-time mom? You have no issues with me. We've never had any issues. You say you're completely moved on. Just out of respect for me as a first time mom, let me enjoy this moment. Don't take it away from me," Comeau said.

She continued, "That's where the biggest frustration is. It's just stupid and frustrating because we know the truth. We don't like to talk on it because it brings more out."


Photo Credit: Getty / Steve Mack