'Teen Mom 2': It's the Anniversary of Jenelle Evans' Infamous Kesha Episode

It's the day before Thanksgiving, a time to brave the crowds and travel home to loved ones for a nice, long weekend. It also happens to be the seventh anniversary of the infamous Teen Mom 2 episode that featured then-star Jenelle Evans, her undying love for Kesha, and her attorney who was caught in the middle. It's truly something to be thankful for.

As Today recapped on this very day back in 2012, the MTV reality series revealed that Evans would rather deal with a jail sentence than completing her probation after drug tests kept revealing that she'd been using marijuana -- and didn't have any intention to stop. She was offered a 16-day sentence, barely over one-third of the 45 days she was potentially facing.

There is one problem: the sentence started just a few days before a Kesha concert. Not only did Evans consider the pop star's performance to be of utmost importance, but she also had third-row seats. And she was going with her former roommate, Tori, who she'd just made amends with after the two came to blows just a few months earlier.

"It's not just a concert," Evans told her lawyer at the time. "It's Kesha. My idol. The girl I watch YouTube videos of 30 times a day. I'm obsessed with this girl."

"Just think about it," her lawyer pleaded, hoping to that the notion of her legal troubles being behind her would be enough to convince her.


Unfortunately for Evans, her probation officer ended up surprising her that day with a random drug test. After she failed, she was taken to jail, where her mother, Barbara, refused to pay the $1,000 in bail money. In the end, Evans was released. And with enough time to try and make it to the concert anyway.

The former Teen Mom 2 star has still been making headlines all these years later, most recently by taking to Twitter to shut down what she sees as lies from "fake accounts" in the wake of her separation from husband David Eason. As part of her separation, she was also granted a restraining order from Eason, citing several instances of alleged abuse. A judge extended the restraining order by two weeks just earlier today.