'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Has Some Relatable Thoughts on Wearing Face Masks

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans provided her two cents on face masks being worn amid the coronavirus pandemic. A hot topic ever since the outbreak began and one that has only heated up over the past few weeks as more and more states have seen spikes that previously had not, Evans shared a tip for those taking the safety precaution.

Evans urged all of those wearing masks in public to “speak up” because ‘it’s hard to hear some of you.” The remark drew some mixed reactions as some took it as her making fun of people who are wearing masks. One response, in particular, read, “You really making fun of people taking covid seriously? And wanting to get out of covid season and progress so schools and such can open? I WISH YOUD SAY IT TO THESE PEOPLES FACES WHO HAVE LOST LOVED ONE DUE TO COVID.”

Another commented, “I don’t ever agree with but I got you with this. Masks are ridiculous.” Meanwhile, another follower of hers defended Evans, insisting she didn’t mean it to come across as offense, “I don't think she is criticizing anyone for wearing a mask. She is exactly right, it is hard to hear people wearing them. I wear one at work every day and have problems hearing many of my customers.”

The controversial tweet comes on the heels of Evans reconciling with David Eason. The two officially were confirmed to be back together after being seen holding hands at the park at the end of June. Evans had previously threatened to leave Eason after his arrest at the beginning of the month. That was when he was accused of pistol-whipping one of Evans’ friends, going as far to say he would "blow" his f—ing brains out.” Eason is set to appear in court on Monday.

The two have had their on-and-off moments in the past, particularly after Eason's prior run-ins with the law. In October of 2019, she revealed they would be going their separate way. This came after he came out and admitted to shooting and killing the family dog over the summer. She went as far as to get a restraining order on Eason, but eventually went and took him back in March of the following year.