'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Chimes in on 'Baby Yoda' Craze

Jenelle Evans, the controversial former cast member of Teen Mom 2, is slowly returning to her normal social media activity after she revealed her separation from husband David Eason back on Oct. 31. As a part of that process, Evans sent off a simple note about the latest online craze, "Baby Yoda." For those unaware, Baby Yoda is a character in the Star Wars streaming series The Mandalorian, currently playing on Disney+. Technically, the character's name is "The Child," but its resemblance to the iconic Star Wars character Yoda made the name "Baby Yoda" stick with fans.

Scenes and stills of the character have been shared all around Twitter and other social media platforms since it made its debut, with most Star Wars fans being enamored with just how cute the puppet creature is. Evans is apparently one of those people, as she revealed that she now wants to get into Stars Wars because of the little green alien.

"I'm probably going to start watching Star Wars now because of Baby Yoda," wrote on Sunday morning alongside a string of emojis for shrugging, laughing and facepalming.

Several of her followers agreed, noting how they like the show and thought The Child was absolutely adorable.

"It's a good show! Baby yoda is the cutest," a fan wrote.

Another added, "Me too ... he's the cutest little thing I've ever seen."

A third wrote, "Isn't he a cutie I hope you and the kiddos are doing ok. Keep your head up You deserve the best!"

Evans has since deleted the tweet, seemingly due to the backlash it received. Despite the former MTV personality's tweet being innocent, some people began to pile on her for it. The complaining fans either took issue with the fact that Evans used the general Star Wars term instead of the show's name or they did not realize that The Mandalorian was a show based in the Star Wars universe.

"You can go ahead and watch Star Wars because Baby Yoda is in Mandalorian... Not Star Wars... Geez Louise," a fan wrote.

"Good luck with that baby yoda isnt from Star wars its from the mandalorain you should prob actually research shit before inserting foot because you think memes are cute," another seemingly peeved fan wrote.

A third added: "Well you won't see baby yoda in Star Wars."

A fourth wrote: "Baby Yoda isn't in the Star Wars movies. He's in The Mandalorian tv series. I'm not even into star wars like that and I know that."

While this is one of the oddest things Evans has received backlash for online, she at least had one fan standing up for her in the replies, countering a complaining fan by writing, "But isn't the Mandalorian a Star Wars tv show?"


The first few episodes of The Mandalorian are currently streaming on Disney+.

Photo Credit: Keith Johnson/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images