'Teen Mom 2' Alum David Eason's Reason for Letting Daughter Skip School Sparks Outrage

Teen Mom fans always find time to complain about David Eason and his wife Jenelle Evans on social media. The couple is a never-ending source of controversy, and the latest involves Eason's 13-year-old daughter Maryssa skipping school to hunt. Skipping school alone wouldn't fit in with what fans want from the reality stars, but the hunting brings an additional element into the mix.

According to The Sun, the 32-year-old former reality star shared a video to TikTok recently that he captioned, "How to wake up your kids for school in 2021. Then skip school and taken them turkey shopping." The video then shows Eason making random noises and other actions to get the teen to roll out of bed. He doesn't succeed until the prospect of skipping school comes into play.


How to wake your kids up for school in 2021. Then skip school and take them turkey shopping @maryssa.eason

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"Wanna skip school and go turkey hunting instead," Eason asks his daughter, to which she nods yes and decides to get out of bed. They then cut to the pair out dressed in camouflage and ready to take down a bird, spying one soon enough. Fans were not pleased, dropping critical comments on the TikTok post.

One critic called the former MTV star "stupid" for the video, another called it "so cringe," and a final one urged the reality personality to let his daughter sleep. Are they truly upset for the teen or are they just out to hate on Eason? We might not ever know.

Despite the outcry, Eason's daughter seems pleased to skip school and go hunting. What kid wouldn't want to skip school and do something they have some passion about. We can't condone the killing of animals, but it is far better than most of what Eason and wife Jenelle have been connected to in the past few years.


"Glad your dad taught you about guns and hunting. More woman need to learn," one supporter wrote to Maryssa during an Instagram Live Q&A. Eason has also taken steps to bond with his daughter elsewhere, like gifting her a car to work on and repair to be her first vehicle when the time comes. After sharing a photo of her behind the wheel, though, critics once again came out to lob their opinions.

"When she's of age to get her license maybe then yes, but to buy it for her to fix up before she even gets her license is just so wrong," one wrote, while another suggested Evans bought the car, earning a middle finger emoji from Eason.