Tamar Braxton Dishes on Her Next Step After 'Celebrity Big Brother' Win

Tamar Braxton has big plans for herself after winning season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother.The [...]

Tamar Braxton has big plans for herself after winning season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother.

The 41-year-old singer told Entertainment Tonight that taking home the $250,000 grand prize was "a big dream come true."

"It's a blessing on top of a blessing, and it means that my friendships in the house are really real," she exclaimed after her fellow houseguests unanimously voted her the winner against Ricky Williams. "I'm grateful for that too."

While 30 days may not sound like much, Braxton says a month is a long time to be out of practice.

"This is the longest that I've gone without singing!" she shared. "It's been like 30 days! And with Joey [Lawrence] being in the house — and he's a whole boy band by himself — it's definitely inspired me to keep writing and keep moving forward with my music career."

While Braxton isn't sure if she'll be recording a full album anytime soon ("The music industry has changed a whole lot," she said), she said fans can "definitely [expect] some new music, for sure." Her latest studio album, Bluebird of Happiness, came out in September 2017.

But don't think Braxton is finished with reality TV; the star said she's excited to get back to her own reality show alongside her sisters, WeTV's Braxton Family Values, and is also excited to reveal some exciting plans for her future.

"There's a couple things going on with Tamar," she laughed, referring to herself in the third person. "My hope is to be the Cardi B of TV!"

Another thing she's excited about now that she's out of the Big Brother house is seeing her boyfriend for the first time in a month. When asked if they're still together, she joked, "I hope so! It's been 30 days."

"He's not in the business, so he's probably tired of my shenanigans by now," she added of the mystery man. "But I feel like we have something really, really special. He's a great guy and my son really likes him a whole lot."

Fans also saw Braxton reunite onstage with her 5-year-old son Logan as soon as she stepped outside of the Big Brother house, and said that she's going to use the prize money to look out for him.

"Thank you guys for being my lifelong friends. Thank you guys. I am so grateful and now I get to buy my baby a house!" she said.

Not only is Braxton one of the few in Big Brother history to win by a unanimous vote, but she also became the first-ever African American to win the game. With her win, she broke a famous Big Brother curse, as it was the first time that the first houseguest to enter the house at the beginning of the season ended up winning.

Big Brother Celebrity Edition has not officially been renewed for a third season, although season 21 of Big Brother is set to premiere this summer on CBS.

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