'Survivor' Tribe Torn Between Loyalties Before Elimination

For the second week in a row, it was a member of the Jabedi tribe to be sent home on Survivor: David vs. Goliath — castaway Lyrsa Torres.

In Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality show, the purple tribe was tasked once again with sending one of its members home after, in last week's episode, the Jabedi tribe sent home former Goliath Natalie Cole.

The immunity challenge proved to be too much for the tribe, consisting of Mike White, Lyrsa, Nick Wilson and Angelina Keeley, which lost in a landslide to the Vuku and Tiva tribes on Day 17 of the challenge. With the tribe split evenly two and two between former Davids and Goliaths, it was definitely an interesting dynamic.

"Whatever happens today, it's going to impact everybody's game for the rest of the game," Mike told the camera.

While Mike and Angelina were willing to work together with Lyrsa, the former David was not willing to work with Angelina due to the jacket incident from last week, when Angelina tried to con Lyrsa out of her coat.

Nick was more than willing to vote Angelina out alongside Lyrsa, which set off a campaign of the women trying to switch both men over to their sides before the council. But little did they know that Mike and Nick have been working together in the Rockstar alliance, and were telling one another what the others were saying.

"Today, my agenda is convincing Mike that its [a good move] to vote out Angelina," Nick said.

For Mike, it all came down to his Goliath status after the merge, despite his distrust of Angelina.

"If there is a merge we are thinking about who do we trust to help us navigate the next treacherous part of the game," Mike said at tribal council.

Angelina chimed in, "If there is a merge, you have to think about who do I trust, who trusts me and who does it make most sense to be connected to in the game?"

"For me personally, I'm here for this tribe. The David and Goliath stuff is over," Nick added.

In the end, there were three votes for Lyrsa and one for Angelina.


Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS