'Survivor' Turns Best Friends Against One Another in Shocking Blindside Elimination

It's down to seven castaways on Survivor: David vs. Goliath after Gabby Pascuzzi was voted off the island in a shocking tribal council.

On Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality series, Nick Wilson was still reeling from last week's blindside elimination of fellow former David, Carl Boudreaux. The elimination put the Davids at a minority in the tribe once again, he complained to ally Christian Hubicki, after the underdogs had fought so hard to earn their place in power during the game.

It was enough of a betrayal, Wilson admitted to the cameras, that he was considering his Mason-Dixon alliance with Hubicki null and void as soon as it served him. Pascuzzi, meanwhile, was also reconsidering her friendship with her closest ally, whom she realized had been serving as a comfort throughout the game, but was holding her back.

"People have seen me as Christian's sidekick, and I've been struggling to fight that perception," she explained. "I want respect in this game, and what better way than to slay my number one ally... I need to remove him so I can play my own game."

Kara Kay, who had won individual immunity for the night, was more than willing to jump on board, if not just a little shocked that Pascuzzi was finally down to take out the strong social player.

"I've been trying to get Christian out of the game for a while," she admitted. "He's a really good player, so I'm all for this plan."

Alison Raybould also agreed to vote out Hubicki, but said she was only cautiously optimistic due to the player's ability to save himself in the past when targeted.

"What's to say he doesn't pull something out of his hat this time as well?" she asked.

The only person not on board was Davie Rickenbacker, who feared not having a "shield" if Hubicki was sent home to hide behind, and told the targeted player about the group's plan.

While Hubicki was "stunned," he was ready to try and repair his relationship with Wilson in order to try and save his immunity idol at the tribal council by putting Raybould's name up. But while Wilson said he accepted the apology offered by his fellow Mason-Dixon ally, he did not change his plans to send him home.

In the end, Hubicki wasn't comfortable with the work he had put in, playing his immunity idol for himself. So with only two votes for Pascuzzi, she fell victim to her own big move.


Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS