'Survivor' Castaway Evacuated After Serious Injury

Survivor: David vs. Goliath has lost another castaway to injury.In Wednesday's episode of the CBS [...]

Survivor: David vs. Goliath has lost another castaway to injury.

In Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality show, the David and Goliath tribes weren't even to compete in an immunity challenge before the Davids lost another member of their group.

Bi Nguyen, a 28-year-old MMA fighter who had been a strong competitor for the underdog team, made a shocking announcement at the start of the day, stepping forward and saying, "I actually have to make a really sad announcement. I sprained my [medial collateral ligament] yesterday, and I'm an athlete so I made the decision to leave the game."

"I'm so sorry," she added, telling her tribe, "These are a band of misfits, and I'm glad I was forced to get to know them, because they're amazing human beings, every last one of then. And I know they're gonna rock it, but sad to say it won't be with me."

Tribe member Angelina Keeley commiserated with her injured teammate, saying, "We worked so hard to be out here and it's a dream for most people. So to say, 'I can't move forward,' has to be one of the hardest decisions to make. So I have respect for her decision, and I wish this wasn't one she had to make."

This is the second major injury in this season of the reality series' 37th season, and the second member of the David tribe sent home due to injury.

In the season premiere, castaway Pat Cusack had to be medically evacuated after severely injuring his back during a rough boat ride on the way back from the immunity challenge beach.

"When we leave the challenge, we are on a boat," fellow tribe member Gabby Pascuzzi said. "And the seas are really rough and the boat slams down on one of the waves. And we hear a crack, I thought maybe Pat had hurt his back, maybe tweaked it a bit. But we don't know what's happening, we're watching and hoping for the best."

Host and executive producer Jeff Probst told Pat, "This is really unusual, in that a boat ride back to camp is very normal we've never had anyone be injured being transported."

"You can't take me," Cusack said from a stretcher. "I can't leave."

"We don't have any choice," the EMT said, adding that they had to take him to the hospital to rule out "serious damage."

Pat was later determined to have an injury from which he could recover, but he will not be returning this season.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS