'Supermarket Sweep' Reboot Teaser Is Here

The ABC reboot of Supermarket Sweep is nearly here, and the network has unveiled the first look at the series. Leslie Jones will host the new edition of the program, and she posted the teaser herself via Instagram on Tuesday. As one might expect, the show, premiering on Oct. 18, is filled with the grocery-themed thrills as the original.

Contestants are seen rushing through grocery aisles to snag hams, diapers, shampoo bottles and anything else needed to rack up high dollar amounts. One contestant even brings in a full-sized BBQ grill. Meanwhile, the Saturday Night Live alum rallies them on, cracking jokes along the way.

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First look @supermarketsweepabc with LESLIE JONES

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Supermarket Sweep, produced by Fremantle, was originally broadcasted as an ABC property, airing on the network from 1965–1967 with host Bill Malone. The show was relaunched in 1990 on the Lifetime network, with David Ruprecht hosting. This edition of the series is the most well-known, with some episodes recently regaining a resurgence due to Netflix picking up several episodes. The version of the show aired on-and-off until 2003, with the show shifting from Lifetime to PAX TV in 1999. The show was also launched in several international areas, with a UK version currently airing on ITV. There are also still-airing versions in Ukraine and the Arab League.

Jones will helm this latest edition and is pumped to do so. In a statement released alongside the show's announcement, she revealed she even tried out for the series back in the day.


“I’ve always dreamed of being on Supermarket Sweep,” Jones said. “Seriously, I tried out for the show years ago; and after getting turned away, I knew I’d have to take matters into my own hands. Being able to bring the iconic game show back to life on ABC is my ultimate redemption story!”

ABC is also pushing hard for the show. In that same release, Karey Burke, the president of ABC Entertainment, said, “Supermarket Sweep is the perfect addition to ABC’s strong lineup of classic game show revivals, and we struck gold having Leslie Jones as the host and executive producer. The original version was one of my all-time favorites. I can’t wait for it to be reintroduced with Leslie’s fresh and unique take on the classic supermarket race, which will undoubtedly appeal to an entirely new generation of viewers.”