'Storage Wars' Star Darrell Sheets Reveals New Photo From Hospital

Storage War's Darrell Sheets is on the mend after suffering a recent heart attack.

One day after announcing he had experienced a "mild heart attacks" several days ago after being "very sick" for upwards of three months, Sheets shared a new photo of himself in the hospital with granddaughter Zoie Sheets.

"Thanks for coming to see me Zoie love you," he captioned the photo. "You are a strong girl," and adding the hashtag "Storage Wars."

Tuesday, Sheets shared a similar photo with fiancée, Romney Snyder to make the announcement about his health problems.

"Well here we go I wasn't going to say anything, but you all have been the greatest friends and fans," he began. "I've been very sick for 3 months and two nights ago I had a mild heart attack, found out I have congestive heart failure and a severe issue going on with my lungs, today I am having surgery so all your prayers would be deeply appreciated thank you for being there for me it's been a great ride."

He added, "Romney has been by my side through all of this she is a good women and I love her."

Storage Wars fans from all over were quick to wish Sheets good health in this tough time.

"Hope everything went OK," one follower wrote. "And I hope [you] make a speedy recovery."

Another advised, "Visualize yourself going home, happy, healthy and seeing Zoie having children of her own! See it, believe it and do it! God bless you all."

"Darrell!" yet another wrote. "You're looking more better I see! Prayers still in progress for yah man! Just take life more easier and a heck of a lot less stressful."

Sheets has previously undergone a dramatic physical transformation, losing more than 100 lbs. after splitting with wife Kimber Wuefel in 2016.

Wuefel and Sheets might not have worked out in the end, but according to Hollywood Mask, the reality personality's ex motivated him to start the Nutrisystem program, which helped him go from 315 lbs. to 197 lbs.

"My joints hurt. My body hurt. I was tired of exercise with no results. Plus, I had to get away from eating cheeseburgers and making bad choices on the set, Nutrisystem was the easy answer," Sheets explained.


Best known as "The Gambler" on the hit A&E series, Sheets has been betting on stage lockers for 32 years, and based on his show bio, "is always going for the 'big hit,'" which in his tenure as a bidder has included four Picasso paintings and the world's most lucrative comic book collection.

Photo credit: Instagram/Darrell Sheets