Steve-O Speaks out About Bam Margera's Alcoholism

Bam Margera has headed into rehab and his former Jackass co-star, Steve-O, has his back.In talks [...]

Bam Margera has headed into rehab and his former Jackass co-star, Steve-O, has his back.

In talks with TMZ, Steve-O — who has been sober himself since 2008 — offered plenty of advice on the situation, saying that Margera is going to need to trust the process and not buy into the theories that outside factors, like recently having a child, as ways to get and stay sober.

"Rehab is good," Steve-O said. "Of course, rehab is just like a gym. Just because you have a membership doesn't mean you are going to get really fit. It depends on what you do when you get there."

Margera, now a 38-year-old skateboarder and former MTV star, was stopped in California on Jan. 8 and was ultimately taken from the scene in handcuffs. Details of the event that lead to the arrest have been scarce, but Margera is reportedly "embarrassed" about the whole development.

Steve-O admitted that he and Margera hadn't spoken for months, but gave poignant advice none-the-less.

"The idea that alcoholism is something you can just do better with, well there is no gray area, you are either sober or you are loaded," he said. "You can't manage it and that is the whole thing."

The history of drug and alcohol usage by both Margera and Steve-O has been well — and often voluntarily — documented. The pair were stopped with Steve-O being arrested in 2003 during a European tour when footage of him swallowing a condom with cannabis was aired as he hoped to avoid police on a flight leaving Sweden.

Johnny Knoxville, another former Jackass alum, said that he was proud of Steve-O for cleaning up and taking to sobriety like he took to drugs — a compliment to his addictive personality and how serious he was taking his health.

Steve-O told the cameras that he is just "doing things that sober people do," and that he stays under the radar now with the support of his friend, sober community, and reliance on the 12-steps.

He also offered support for his friend.

"I hope he does well," Steve-O said. "That is all anyone wants, to see him see him happy and healthy. He has to get to a certain point to surrender to the process.

"A lot of people have been concerned about Bam for a long time. It's like, 'Oh, he's doing better,' but you have to get sober," he added.