'Southern Charm' Star Cameran Eubanks Taking Heat for Supporting Jennifer Lopez's Halftime Show

Cameran Eubanks is defending herself after the Southern Charm star received backlash for cheering on Jennifer Lopez's performance alongside Shakira during Sunday's Super Bowl LIV halftime show. After some criticized the widely-praised show as inappropriate due to the artists' outfits and Lopez's dancing on a pole, Eubanks shared a glamorous photo of the "Let's Get Loud" singer on her private plane, "not giving a flying flip what Nancy from Nebraska thinks" of her show.

"[You go girl]!" Eubanks wrote, adding a number of enthusiastic emojis in a move that clearly riled up many of her followers.

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Adding to the edited caption later on, Eubanks wrote, "Didn't realize this would be so polarizing. Ummm...there is genocide, war, famine, SO many atrocities going on in the world we live in. The point is to not get your britches in a wad over a Super Bowl half time performance."

"I think Jesus would agree," she concluded on a sassy note. "And y'all's husbands all liked it. BYE."

Chrisley Knows Best star was right behind Eubanks, commenting, "I live for this post, spoken like a true southern shady smart a—."

Another commenter noted that critics may have missed the point of the performance, which was the first Super Bowl halftime show to be headlined by Latin women. "There was a great message here during the half time show, but sadly many focused only on the exposed skin," they said. "Misogyny, white supremacy and women not supporting women all wrapped up in one big faux pas."

Others still disagreed, but managed to keep the rhetoric less divisive than before. "While I thought it wasn’t necessary to be that provocative, she is EVERYTHING!" one person wrote. "If I had young kids watching, I would have changed the channel. When your audience is young to old, it’s not a bad idea to tone it down some. Save it for Vegas."


"I disagree but you are entitled to your opinion," another added. "Do not see why a 50 year old woman needs to pole dance and grab herself at a family watched show. JLo is above that. Leave the pole dancing to her movie [Hustlers]."

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