'sMothered' Star Angelica 'Extremely Offended' Jason's Mom Prefers the Dog to Their Baby

Toshiko's visit isn't exactly going over how Angelica and Jason had hoped. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode of sMothered, the new mom admits she's "extremely offended" when her future mother-in-law turns down the chance to hold her grandchild in favor of snuggling the family dog, Chi Chai.

There's no shortage of tension surrounding Angelica and Jason's upcoming wedding and current living situation, and Toshiko certainly doesn't diffuse any of that when she immediately picks up Chi Chai when entering the house, greeting the dog before she acknowledges her own granddaughter. "She's getting much bigger, of course," Toshiko says while cradling the pup.

When Angelica asks if Toshiko would rather hold the baby, she simply responds to the dog, "Are you comfortable? Yes. You missed me. I missed you, too." Jason reminds Angelica that his mother's hearing isn't great out of one ear, which could explain her lack of a response, at which point Angelica repeats louder, "Do you want to hold the baby, instead of Chi Chai?"

"No, that's OK," Toshiko answers, adding that she would "love to," but wanted to give the dog a chance first. That's far from the answer Angelica wanted. She tells the camera of the exchange, "I am extremely offended that she would prefer to hold a dog as opposed to her granddaughter. Is she crazy? This is her blood grandchild!"

Toshiko either doesn't pick up on the frosty vibes coming her way or doesn't care, continuing her conversation with Chi Chai. Even Sunhe is recognizing something is up. "From the lack of interaction from Toshiko with my daughter and now my granddaughter, I'm wondering if she even wants this wedding to happen," she tells the camera. "Does she want them to even get married?"


Earlier this season, Toshiko admitted she wasn't 100% on board for the upcoming nuptials, telling the cameras of her son's relationship with Angelica, "My son is sometimes just so soft that people try to use him. If somebody gets married and then, you know, taking advantage of Jason." sMothered airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.