'sMothered': Angelica and Jason Shock Their Families With Pregnancy Announcement in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Angelica and Jason's pregnancy announcement may come as a shock to their family, but Jason's mother has an even bigger surprise hidden up her sleeve for the expectant TLC star's mom, Sunhe. In PopCulture's exclusive sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode of sMothered, the TLC couple breaks the big pregnancy news to Angelica's grandmother, Connie, Sunhe's fiancé, Brett, and Jason's mom, Toshiko.

Standing at the front of the room, Jason teases there's something else he and Angelica need to tell the group. It's a nerve-racking moment for everyone, including Sunhe, who stresses how "important" this gathering really is. "I want so much for Jase's mother to be acceptant of Angelica," she explains. "And it would mean the world to me if that happens.

As Jason and Angelica reveal they're expecting their first child, the room is completely silent with everyone staring in shock. "Expecting?" Toshiko asks, admitting she's "kind of surprised" because her son "never mentioned" anything to her about having kids anytime soon. Jason tells the stunned group, "I didn't know how you'd really react about everything," only for Brett to pop the biggest question of all: "Now that you are moving forward in this direction, is Sunhe gonna move in with you guys then and get rid of the apartment?" he asks.

Angelica answers that Sunhe will be moving in with them, and Connie quips she'll probably "stay longer" with a grandchild on the way. "How much is longer?" a worried Jason asks, telling the cameras privately, "I invited Sunhe to move in with us for a little while. I didn't mean forever." Angelica doesn't seem as concerned with a timeline, however, answering the question, "You know, she could stay ... as long as she'd want to stay."

Sunhe chimes in, "She doesn't want me to leave," to which Brett responds deadpan, "I get that." It's then that Toshiko reveals her own surprise intentions, declaring, "I hope I can move in." A surprised Sunhe reveals she had no idea Jason's mom was also planning on moving to Las Vegas, and she certainly doesn't seem excited about the prospect of having two grandmothers in the picture every day. "When?" she asks, to which Toshiko replies, "I will leave anytime."


Toshiko doesn't seem to think her son is being treated very well in his relationship, especially when it comes to Angelica's relationship with her own mom. "My son is sometimes just so soft that people try to use him," she tells the camera. "If somebody get married and then, you know, taking advantage of Jason." sMothered returns on a brand new night, airing Mondays at 9 p.m. ET and streaming on discovery+.