'Sister Wives' Star Mariah Brown Won't Be Spending Christmas With Family

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear Sister Wives star Mariah Brown will be home for the holidays. The 24-year-old revealed on Instagram that she won't be back in Flagstaff, Arizona. Instead, she will be spending the time with her fiancee, Audrey, and her family.

"I've been struggling a little bit with spending another Christmas away from my given family, but I'm so grateful that Audrey has given me another amazing family that I am so lucky and excited to spend quality time with. Grateful I got a great partner with great parents/family," she wrote.

This comes along with a post she made of her and Audrey together. "Feeling extra grateful for this one today," the caption began. "For taking care of me when I'm sick and loving me when I'm a towel and always having the biggest smile on your face."

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This will be the couple's first Christmas together since their engagement earlier in February. The two have been together for almost three years now.

Mariah shared with PEOPLE the exact moment she decided to get down on her knee to pop the big question.

"We were in the middle of where everyone was marching and I was trying to get the ring out of my pocket, where it was stuck," she said. "I think Audrey was fixing her hair, but I just got down on one knee and said some sweet things that neither of us can really remember because we were so caught up in the moment."

Her journey has unfolded on Sister Wives and came to its biggest moment back in Season 11 when viewers watched firsthand as she revealed to her Mormon family that she was coming out as gay. It took a little bit for the parents to come around after learning of the news, but they eventually did.


Her father, Kody Brown, sent out a tweet expressing his support of her. "God has prepared my heart and mind for 15 years. Now [Mariah] can feel safe being openly gay with our family. I grew up in a world with terrible prejudice to the gay community. Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol taught me a modern lesson," the tweet read.

Sister Wives follows the life of Kody and his four wives, including Mariah's mother, Meri. Along with her, Kody also is married to Janelle, Christine and Robyn. He has been with Mariah's mom the longest after the two walked down the aisle back in 1990. His most recent was with Robyn in 2010, nearly 16 years after his third. The show has 13 seasons.