'Sister Wives' Cast Member Meri Brown Addresses Rumors About Leaving the Show

It's seemed that Sister Wives personality Meri Brown has had one foot out the door of her polygamous marriage for a while now.

During her marriage to Kody Brown, Meri has been involved in a catfishing scandal, a divorce and some serious depression, and this season has been working on branching out business-wise, taking steps to start her own bed and breakfast outside of her family's Las Vegas hometown. So it makes sense that fans have suspected she was planning to leave the TLC series.

Sunday, 47-year-old shut down these rumors, however, tweeting, "Already starting the night with a blocking spree! Come on guys, I have a family, I'm not bailing! Sheesh!!" and mentioning that she will be blocking any social media users who try to convince her to leave.

TLC certainly has been playing its part in ramping up the drama surrounding Meri's presence in the family, as countless promos for the ongoing season have shown Kody and Meri's fellow sister wives Christine, Janelle, and Robyn talking about their concern that she's going to abandon her family in Las Vegas in favor of her new business.

But if her social media presence is proof enough, she's not going anywhere soon. On Instagram, Meri has recently been posting a number of photos with Kody, even showing him being supportive of her B&B by picking out furniture for her little business.

In addition to her business ventures, Meri has had a lot to deal with emotionally during the most recent seasons of the reality show, during which she and her husband attended therapy to rebuild their marriage after the catfishing scandal.

In one episode, Kody confronted Meri's complicated emotions towards him and said, "You didn't want to be out of the family, you just wanted to be out of your relationship with me."

The two ended up being able to work things out, but Meri is now currently embroiled in drama with her fellow sister wives after being left out — intentionally or not — from the birth of Maddie Brown Brush's first child.

"You bring a lot with you when you come in a room and you bring a lot of baggage when you come in the room," Christine admitted to a shocked Meri. "And I don't know what to do with that."

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.


Photo credit: Instagram/@lularoemeribrown