Meri Brown 'Hurt' After Being Excluded From 'Sister Wives' Birth

There's trouble in the Sister Wives family after wife Meri Brown was accidentally left out of the birth of baby Axel.

The little boy was born at home to Maddie Brown Bush, surrounded by all of Kody Brown's polygamous wives, in May, but Meri was nowhere to be found due to a possible miscommunication as to who was welcome in the birthing room.

For Janelle Brown, Maddie's biological mom, Meri's absence felt like a slight, while for the embattled TLC personality, the issue made her feel unwelcome in their unconventional family.

"I'm trying to be rational, I'm really trying to let logic and calm thinking reign right now," Janelle told the cameras before the wives entered a group therapy session in Sunday's episode. "But maybe because it's involving Madison, but my mama uncaged."

She continued: "This is my daughter, she's giving birth. This is not about us, this is about her and the birth and protecting that experience for her. I'm kind of like, this is so idiotic that we're dealing with this over a birth."

The new grandmother tried to calm herself, but added, "I don't trust right now because I'm pretty worked up."

When the two confronted each other, not much was resolved, except that everyone involved was saying they had moved on despite clearly still being upset about the incident.

"I just feel like I'm kind of over this," Meri said. "It was a miscommunication at the beginning, but now I feel're not there."

"The bottom line is we did not purposely keep Meri away from the birth," Janelle added. "In fact, the whole time I was thinking where is Meri."

It's after the initial therapy session that Christine dropped a harsh truth on her sister wife: While the slight was not intentional, if she was in charge of the birth, she would not want Meri in the room.

"You bring a lot with you when you come in a room and you bring a lot of baggage when you come in the room," she told a shocked Meri. "And I don't know what to do with that."

And while this issue is definitely still not resolved, Meri made it clear that she has no negative emotions towards Maddie or her new baby.

"I'm not critical of Madison at all," she said. "Madison did nothing wrong. Madison brought a new life into the world and I have absolutely no issues with Madison or any of that. All I feel toward her is love, and all she's ever done is welcome me and accept me as grandma to this baby."

She continued: "The hurt that I felt had to do with sister wives and Kody, because there are four of them who could have said, 'Hey, wait a second, an important piece is missing.'"


Sister Wives airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC