'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Reveals Axe Throwing Skills Amid Rumors of Family Tension

It has been a strange few months for Sister Wives star Meri Brown.

This past year has seen her branch out on her own with a business venture, face criticism from the rest of her family, and actually spend time away from husband Kody Brown.

However, this time has led to Brown to spending alone time on vacation and enjoying new activities. The latest addition to her hobbies and activities: Axe throwing.

(Photo: Instagram / Meri Brown)

Brown posted an image on Instagram of her axe throwing experience at Backyard Axe Throwing League, noting that she might end up coming back regularly.

"Just a little axe throwing, because hey, why not?? This may have to be a new little hobby, I quite enjoyed it," Brown wrote in the caption for the photo.

As InTouch points out, some fans immediately thought it was Brown getting some frustration and aggression out.

"Who's in the bull's eye?" one fan asked the reality star, prompting her to respond and call the question morbid, adding that nobody would be in the bullseye.

With the reported drama between the members of the Brown family, it shouldn't be a surprise that some fans would connect all of the details together. But as InTouch adds, the axe throwing might confirm a more positive detail related to the family's move to Arizona.

The outlet also notes that Brown had starting painting again and was taking inspiration from the furry members of the family.

(Photo: Instagram/Meri Brown)

“So I totally didn’t do this on purpose when I painted these guys almost 3 years apart, but Mariah and Audrey love how Mosby and Koda are facing each other on the wall,” Brown captioned a photo of her work. “Since moving to Flagstaff I haven’t made the time to just sit and be and create, so it was so good to paint again. I seriously need to make more time for this!”


The positive turn is far different from the rumors that have followed the reality star for months. Brown has reportedly been overwhelmed by the move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. Other reports have pointed out that Brown has been seeing other men away from spiritual husband Kody Brown and was actually "looking for an out" from her marriage.

If anything, it would seem that the tension has reached a period of detente between Brown and her sister wives. It'll be interesting to see if this continues.