'Sister Wives': Kody Brown Reportedly 'Getting Creative' Due to Filming Issues in Arizona

Rumors are swirling around the Sister Wives clan and the impending arrival of season 14. With rumors of financial woes and family strife, it would seem that the next chapter in the Sister Wives story will be an intriguing one.

That's if they can actually film it. The production is reportedly facing a lot of blocks around Flagstaff when it comes to shooting on location. Luckily the clan is led by Kody Brown who is allegedly getting creative to circumvent the red tape.

As they lay out over at Soap Dirt, Brown has been the driving force behind keeping the series alive to this point, taking a pay cut when cancellation was threatened after season 11 in order to keep the show thriving. So with season 14, Brown isn't going to let Flagstaff's tough rules keep the show down.

Soap Dirt points out that Brown and TLC took creative steps to make this season of the show work. The rumored filming locations seen to this point have the cast actually expanding outside of Flagstaff and shooting in Chicago.

There is also the fact that Brown's final home has not been completed yet, forcing the different members of Brown's family to either purchase a temporary home or rent. While Robyn's appeared at the end of the last Sister Wives season, the rest of the wives were forced to get other homes while waiting for their new homes to be completed. This includes two rental homes paid for by Meri and Janelle that won't allow filming on the property.

But according to Soap Dirt, the delay may have already led to a creative solution by Brown and company.

Robyn Brown turned a lot of heads with the rental of her mansion, especially when it came to her neighbors. But that massive place isn't the only spot that Brown seems to have for filming.

The outlet adds that the show has apparently rented a warehouse around Flagstaff, used to film commentaries from the couch for the show.

Soap Dirt points to the end of season 13 and the "Tell All" segment that was shot in a warehouse converted into a filming studio.


With some of the wives barred from filming in their own homes, it might take some creative filming and camera trickery to keep the story flowing along.

So despite the ongoing rumors of turmoil, it would seem that Kody Brown is ready to roll with the punches.