'Sister Wives': Kody Brown's Arizona Move May Have Created Problems for Season 14

Sister Wives hasn't been officially renewed for a new season by TLC, but many have taken their recent filming as an unofficial confirmation of sorts. But something else seems to be sticking out about these recent shoots, with everything coming back on patriarch Kody Brown and his decision to move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

While the move from Las Vegas seemed like a great idea, the results have created rumors of tension within the Brown family and have revealed a series of issues including growing debt and laws barring Kody Brown's plans to build one large home for his family to live in.

But according to Soap Dirt, there could be even more issues with the move that may affect what we see in season 14 of the TLC reality series. A big reason stems from being limited on their filming locations in Flagstaff itself. While waiting for their homes to be complete on the slice of property purchased by Kody Brown, the wives have had to find temporary living situations.

For Robyn Brown and Christine Brown, filming doesn't seem to be an issue. Robyn's rental home was featured in the finale of season 13 and that would mean there is no stipulation barring filming. Same goes for Christine, who purchased a home in Flagstaff after failure to find a rental that would allow her pets.

That leaves Meri and Janelle Brown, both renting in places that have no-filming clauses worked into their rental contracts. That means no production equipment, no cameras, no nothing.

There is no word when the homes at Coyote Pass will be finished, especially with the allegations of debt hanging overhead, so this could be a big issue with the next season.

On top of that, Flagstaff residents were reportedly not happy to see the family move into town. According to Soap Dirt, 12 moving vehicles made the trip down Robyn Brown's new street to her rental home, leaving neighbors wondering what type of circus had entered their neighborhood.

All of this could make for some major changes in the new season and is supported by the recent sightings of cameras elsewhere. The Sister Wives family was spotted filming in Chicago recently, meaning that they're not attached to just Flagstaff. It could send the show outside of its comfort zone in other areas of the country, while the clan contends with their new settlement.


There is also the lingering question on why Kody Brown insisted the family pick up and move to Flagstaff. According to Soap Dirt, the patriarch's adult children questioned the move and why it needed to be so sudden. Daughter Aspyn Brown even questioned if her father was running from something.

If anything, the next season is set up to be an interesting look at how a reality show attempts to gel with a location that isn't exactly open to them.