'Sister Wives': Christine Tells 'Cowardly' Kody to 'Man the F— Up'

Sister Wives is nearing the start of its seventeenth season, and in a new clip Christine Brown is heard calling her estranged husband Kody Brown "cowardly," and saying that he needs to "man the f— up." In an exclusive clip shared by Entertainment Tonight, the now-former couple are seen having a face-to-face argument over their relationship. "Why are you insisting on holding onto me? This isn't working, Kody. You said it wasn't working too," Christine says to Kody at one point during the conversation. 

She continues, "You said you were not interested in me. You weren't interested in a sexual marriage with me. You said, 'People survive for years without having an intimate marriage.' You said that." Kody then replies, "You're blaming me for me being turned off by your behavior." In a confessional interview, separate from her heated conversation with Kody, Christine really let out her feelings, saying, "We've been married for 25 years. I've known you for almost 30 years. Don't insult me, tell me straight up. If you don't want to be married to me anymore, you don't want to have an intimate marriage with me anymore, flipping tell me. It is cowardly. Man the f— up, come on."

Kody's first wife was Meri Brown. They were married in 1990, and then legally separated in 2014 but remained together. Janelle Brown was Kody's second wife, marrying him in 1993. They seem to have possibly separated in late 2020. Christine became wife number three the next year in 1994. She and Kody split in later 2021. Finally, Robyn married Kody in 2010, making her his fourth wife.

Notably, Christine recently revealed which of her fellow Sister Wives stars was "supportive from the get-go" of her decision to leave Kody. Speaking to PEOPLE, Christine shared that her now-former sister wife Janelle was the person she received the most support from. "Janelle and I are really good friends," she told the outlet. "She's been supportive from the get-go." After separating from Kody, and leaving polygamy entirely, Christine has opened up about the experience, saying, "When I told Meri, Robyn, and Janelle, Janelle actually cried. That was so hard. It was not only am I deciding to leave Kody, I was leaving them as well." 


She then went on to explain that she's not had contact with her other sister wives. "I hadn't been that close to Robyn, I hadn't been that close to Meri, for years. As soon as I told everybody, [Janelle] was the only person who talked to me afterwards," Christine told PEOPLE. "I didn't even talk to Robyn or Meri after that. The next time I talked to them was Isabelle's graduation party and then when I told them I was moving, that's the only contact I've had with them." Sister Wives Season 17 premieres Sunday, Sept. 11 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.