'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Has Dinner out in Wake of Split From Kody Brown

Christine Brown hasn't forgotten about her family despite her decision to leave her ex-husband Kody Brown. Wednesday saw the former Brown have dinner with former sister wife Janelle Brown's son, Hunter Brown.

"Total splurge on dinner last night! [Steak 44] had the most incredible food. Every bite was amazing! Just celebrating life and super lucky to be in the same city as [Hunter]," Brown in the caption of the post on Instagram. The pair are smiling ear-to-ear and putting in a hefty check judging by the spread they've ordered.

According to PEOPLE, Hunter is a half-brother to Christine Brown's six children with Kody Brown. The 26-year-old is the sixth child for Kody, who has a total of 18 children, including Christine's son Paedon, daughters Aspyn, Mykelti, Gewndlyn, Ysabel and Truely.

Christine Brown was in a 26-year-plural marriage with Kody Brown and his three other wives. Christine Brown was never the legal wife in the relationship but stood as a spiritual wife alongside Janelle and Meri Brown. Robyn Brown is Kody's legal wife, married after he divorced Meri Brown to legally adopt Robyn's kids.

It isn't a surprise that Christine was hanging out with Hunter while in the same area. She and Hunter's mother, Janelle, are very close despite the exit. "Janelle and I are really good friend," Christine Brown told PEOPLE. "She's been supportive from the get-go."

The same can't be said about the relationship with her other former sister wives. "I hadn't been that close to Robyn, I hadn't been that close to Meri, for years," she adds. "As soon as I told everybody, [Janelle] was the only person who talked to me afterwards. I didn't even talk to Robyn or Meri after that. The next time I talked to them was Isabelle's graduation party and then when I told them I was moving, that's the only contact I've had with them."

Her decision to leave carried a lot of weight beyond a 26-year relationship. "That was so hard. It was not only am I deciding to leave Kody, I was leaving them as well," Brown said. Still, it is positive to see that she can still maintain a close relationship with some family members.