Simon Cowell Announces New Antarctica-Set Talent Competition

Simon Cowell has taken his Got Talent franchise to almost every continent, but Antarctica has always eluded him until now. The former American Idol judge advertised an Antarctica-set talent competition on Twitter Monday.

take the stage antarctica simon cowell twitter
(Photo: Twitter/Simon Cowell)

"I've set up talent shows all over the world. But until now, one place was missing. I am very excited to tell you that we are finally expanding into Antarctica," Cowell wrote, along with a hashtag for the show's title, Take the Stage, Antarctica!.

Since April 1 was weeks ago, some fans wondered if Cowell was being serious, or if the whole thing was a bizarre joke. Since April 22 is also Earth Day, he might have been using it as an opportunity to raise awareness of environmental protection.

"I bet you will really have to warm up the audience," one fan wrote.

"Ermm, okaaay! Please get the Antarctic Monkeys on as your first guests!" another added.

"happy for mah fellow penguins over there, they deserve stardom," another wrote.

Some others thought it would be time for the Happy Feet penguins to shine.

Cowell offered no other details for the show, and did not post the video on his Instagram page.

The announcement was not the only surprise Cowell had in store for fans. A source told The Daily Star Cowell is planning to host auditions for a celebrity edition of X Factor at his Los Angeles home. The source said it could provide "extra glamour" for the audition episodes.

"Production for the series is now in the early stages and decisions are being made about potential changes," the source said. "Wheels are in motion to have the auditions at Simon's house."

The source said the producers believe it will entice more celebrities to join the show, even though hosting the auditions in Los Angeles would increase costs.

"Producers think this would make the series extra glitzy, which seems appropriate given the contestants will be celebs," the source told The Daily Star. "Viewers are used to seeing auditions being held in chilly British cities. So having it against the backdrop of the LA sunshine would make things feel fresh and exciting."

The source said there is still "a lot to sort out," adding, "Having celebrities auditioning will be fantastic for the show. But they have to make sure each of them is available."

One other issue Cowell has is the search for new judges is still on, after Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams and Ayda Field left.

The Daily Star reported production on the show would start in July, and Cowell hopes the celebrity X Factor edition will help the show compete with other U.K. competition shows. Cowell also wants to make an All Stars season, the Star claimed.


One person likely not to get the call to return to X Factor is Sharon Osbourne. During an episode of The Talk, Osbourne said she was signed to do another season, but Cowell "changed his mind and thought I was too old."

Cowell has not responded to Osbourne's claims.