Siggy Flicker Takes Aim at New 'RHONJ' Cast Member: 'She and Her Pigtails Can Go F--- Themselves'

A nice gesture turned into a major blow out after Real Housewives of New Jersey's Siggy Flicker really got into it with new cast member Margaret Josephs in Wednesday's episode.

It all started when Josephs threw her co-star Teresa Giuduce a surprise memorial for her mother who had passed away while the cast was in Florida on a cast trip. Flicker, who hadn't gotten a head's up about the memorial, stayed home from the beach trip, making her feel left out when she heard what had gone down on the trip.

"I want to take and pull on those pigtails until they come out of her head," Flicker told Giudice. Josephs is known for her signature pigtails.

"I can't stand the bitch," she continued. "Every time I open up my mouth, she's giving me another dagger. I hate the f------ b---h. … Margaret and her pigtails can go f---- themselves."

Later, Josephs got her own dig in after Flicker shed tears over a custom cake she ordered for Melissa Gorga being destroyed in a playful fight.

"Siggy, better known as 'Soggy Flicker' with all the crying," Josephs quipped.

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When Flicker found out about her new nickname, she said she was "angry" and "livid."

Later when Josephs called Flicker with an invite to the unveiling of her new fashion line, the two finally let loose on one another.

"I feel like you slighted me," Flicker told Josephs. "You didn't really care about your friend Siggy who introduced you to everybody else. And then on top of that, you calling me 'Soggy Flicker,' I didn't appreciate that. Have a great life, goodbye!"

Josephs defended the nickname she made up for Flicker nonetheless.

"My timing is f------ perfect" she said. "I'm like Joan Rivers. I'm sorry, it's funny."

When the two grabbed lunch near the end of the episode, they had hoped to clear the air. But that's not what happened at all.

Josephs went after Flicker for making fun of her to Giudici, calling the move "not very women-empowering."

"You talk the talk but you don't walk the walk," she added. "I'm shocked at your hypocrisy. You have to be able to laugh at yourself as much as you laugh at everyone else."

Flicker clapped back at her old friend, calling her a "wise ass."


"I don't think you realize how sensitive I really am," she said. "I just felt like, 'Margaret really doesn't know me.' And you know what, I don't really know you."

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs at 9 p.m. EST Wednesdays on Bravo.