'Seven Year Switch' Wife Kenya Needs to 'Step It Up' in Her Marriage, Angela Says in Exclusive Clip

For Seven Year Switch husband Charles, his switch marriage with Angela is the freest he's felt in years — something she thinks is telling about his relationship with real wife Kenya.

As the two-week switch therapy experiment draws to a close, the couple paired together in fake matrimony in an attempt to save their real life relationships discussed the value their switch marriage has brought to their outlook on life in a sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode of the Lifetime reality series (produced by Kinetic Content).

"Being in switch therapy, it's actually a freeing experience, and I'm able to take everything in for myself," Charles admitted to the cameras. He and wife Kenya had been living separately prior to their dramatic attempt to save their marriage following two instances of infidelity on Charles' part and a lack of support on Kenya's part.

When he admitted how valuable the experience has been to his switch wife Angela, she marveled at how close the two had become in such a short period of time.

"Like, you went from completely closed off in every way to like, here I am completely, fully open," she told him. "It's amazing and it happened quickly, because I felt like the first few days we were behind. I'm just happy it's really been healing for you. That's dope."

Charles gave the credit for the two bonding back to Angela, saying, "That's because you were demanding it. Your energy was like, 'Yo, I did not come here to play games.'"

To the camera, Charles admitted he feels more himself around his switch wife currently than around his real wife. "As it stands with Kenya and myself today, I don't feel completely safe to be totally open and totally vulnerable," he explained. "So being in this space with Angela, I feel a freedom I haven't had in a long time."

Angela offered a bit of advice to her temporary husband, saying, "I feel like if you're in a marriage and you focus on making yourself better instead of fixing or changing the other person, it's gonna yield better results."

And while Angela was happy to celebrate her relationship with Charles, she did come down on Kenya for her part in the couple's failing relationship.

"I'm happy I'm able to provide that feeling of safety, that sense of security, that sense of comfort that he needs," she told the camera. "I feel like that's something Charles should be getting from Kenya. She just needs to step it up as a wife."

That won't go over well with Kenya, who has previously criticized her husband and his switch wife for getting a little too close during their experiment. How will she react to the gauntlet being thrown.


Seven Year Switch (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Lifetime