'Seven Year Switch': Bobby Worries Rosslyn Could 'Stunt' His Progress in Exclusive Finale Clip

It's come down to the end of the Seven Year Switch experiment, and married couple Bobby and Rosslyn still aren't sure where they stand.

In an exclusive preview of the Lifetime show's Tuesday finale (produced by Kinetic Content), the couple is still struggling to come to turns with their emotional mismatch after Bobby realized he was able to express himself on an intimate level with switch wife Diane during their unconventional marriage therapy. After returning to their real lives in last week's episode, the couple still appears to be unsure of their future together in Tuesday's clip.

"I definitely think Rosslyn doesn't have enough patience," Bobby tells the cameras of his processing the weeks with Diane in switch therapy. "Whenever I'm trying to figure out what I was doing, then it's frustrating."

Rosslyn appears to be totally on board, at least in her words, telling her husband, "I want to be there for you as you're going through this emotional awakening. Just don't leave me in the dark."

But Bobby is still unsure if the couple can overcome their issues.

"I just really want to have a happy and strong marriage, and I would really love to get back to the love we used to have," he admits to the cameras. "I just really need her to understand that I'm not a child."

"We do have a really big decision to make, whether we should stick it out or get divorced, so there's a lot of things to really think about. And there's probably a lot Rosslyn could do to stunt my progress right now, so she'll just have to tread lightly," he continues.

It's unclear if Rosslyn is willing or able to tread lightly, however, especially when it comes to the balance of her future.

"Just in my defense, or in wives' defenses everywhere, we shouldn't treat you all like children, but you are like our babies," she tells husband Bobby, who drops her hand and says, "Sounds like we still got a lot to work on."

Will Bobby and Rosslyn — as well as fellow switch couples Tony and Angela, Kenya and Charles, and Reece and Diane — be able to put a new spring in their marriage? Or are they best to say goodbye now?


Seven Year Switch (produced by Kinetic Content) airs its season finale Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo Credit: Lifetime