Science Channel Dives Into 'Secret History' of the Twin Towers in Memorial Day Weekend's 'Unearthed' (Exclusive)

The Science Channel is digging into two of America's most iconic buildings as Unearthed dives into the "secret history" of The World Trade Center Twin Towers just in time for Memorial Day. Ahead of Sunday's all-new episode of the series, which reveals the forgotten past and little-known mysteries of some of the world's most amazing monuments, has an exclusive sneak peek of the Unearthed investigation.

Described as "giants of their time" before the 9/11 terrorist attacks results in their collapse, the Twin Towers were considered "an engineering triumph" at the time of their construction in the 1970s, when they reigned high as the tallest buildings on earth. "The skyscraper has always been an engineering marvel, but it was the Twin Towers that really set the precedent," one expert explains in Sunday's episode preview.

Although the towers are remembered now for the tragedy that took the lives of nearly 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001, Unearthed will recall the "rarely told" story of their origins. "Today investigators use pioneering technology to examine the Twin Tower's surviving footprint and secret history," the preview teases. With CGI imagery that will show just how the buildings were able to be constructed at the time in which they were, the special will also investigate just how their collapse occurred and "details you can't see from the human eye."

Having broken records in structural design innovation, top experts from around the world will educate viewers on some of the little-known details that make the Twin Towers such a cultural and historical landmark. "How do engineers push the boundaries of building tall to erect these towering giants in the heart of New York City?" Unearthed asks in PopCulture's exclusive preview. "To solve this mystery, we'll digitally reconstruct the towers and reveal the hidden secrets behind their iconic design, that once defined New York's skyline."

Don't miss the chance to learn more about two of the country's most iconic buildings and one of engineering's biggest accomplishments. The special Memorial Day edition of Unearthed airs Sunday, May 24 at 9 p.m. ET on the Science Channel. For more from PopCulture on Science Channel's programming, click here.