'Building Giants' Returns to Science Channel With World's Biggest Ice City, Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek

Building Giants is returning to the Science Channel with its most chilling challenge yet — a massive city in northeast China constructed completely out of ice and snow! The new season premiere of Building Giants on Wednesday, May 6, follows daring engineers as they race to build the massive ice city in a record-breaking 15 days, all while battling Arctic temperatures, dizzying heights and dangerous construction.

In a PopCulture exclusive sneak peek of the premiere, it's clear that this team of elite engineers is taking on a truly "epic endeavor" in just slightly more than two weeks. Spanning over eight million square feet, and constructed out of a massive 110,000 tons of ice, the ambitious build will have to go off without a hitch to make this feat possible.

"This incredible ice city ranks in a league of ambitious new engineering wonders that are bigger, faster, taller, and more advanced than anything ever constructed before," the clip explains. "This is the inside story of the extraordinary challenge of building these giants."

Later this season, Building Giants will take viewers inside other tremendous feats of science and engineering, from digging brand-new subway lines under Los Angeles durable enough to withstand earthquakes to constructing a 30-mile long bridge capable of withstanding the impact of a deadly typhoon. Each episode explores the latest cutting-edge technology and sciece being used to make the world’s most impressive superstructures possible, all while diving into some of the most amazing innovations taking place in design today and the intensive work they require. With expert commentary and CGI illustrations to make the science come alive for viewers, tune in to get an inside look at how the world of tomorrow is coming together behind the scenes.

Building Giants returns with an all-new season to the Science Channel on Wednesday, May 6, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Building Giants is produced for Science Channel by Windfall. For Windfall, Executive Producer is Carlo Massarella and Series Producer is Tom Cook. For Science Channel, Lindsey Foster Blumberg is Supervising Producer and Ted Levin is Production Coordinator.