'Say Yes to the Dress' Bride's Friends Give Her 'Brutally Honest' Feedback in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Say Yes to the Dress bride Noelle "Red" Denney may already have her "maybe" dress, but her friends won't let her leave Kleinfeld Bridal without saying "I do" to her dream gown. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Saturday's all-new episode of the TLC show, the San Diego-based bride brings besties Athina and Lindsey along for her big bridal appointment – and they're not holding back when it comes to sharing what they really think. 

Noelle comes out in a sparkly Essense of Australia gown picked by her bridal consultant Amber to be very similar to her "just in case" dress, but with the added shimmer she felt the first was missing when it comes to showing off the "disco-ball" personality she has inside. Lindsey and Athina aren't impressed, however, especially because they didn't accompany the bride-to-be when she bought the "just in case" gown. 

"Lindsey, what's your face saying?" Noelle asks as her friend grimaces and responds simply, "No." Taking the critique in stride, Noelle says with a laugh, "Okay. Brutally honest, okay!" While Lindsey insists that it's a "beautiful dress" that her friend looks beautiful in, she sticks to her guns about it not being the right one for her. 

Athina is in full agreement. "I don't like the pattern of the sequins," she says, pointing out the detailing on the gown. "Like, the crisscross seam." Lindsey echoes, "Yeah, I don't like that. You look like a fancy croissant." Amber asks, "Like a fancy croissant?" as the worry starts to set in that maybe even Noelle's "just in case dress" is more like a "no" dress. 

"Now that I'm seeing her with this on, I am starting to realize that we gotta look at other options," Athina confides to the camera. "I mean, there's no point to having a 'just in case' dress." Lindsey agrees before admitting candidly, "Oh f-, I just hate that dress. I f-king hate that dress. I'm sorry. I do." Will Noelle be able to find a dress that will help her live her disco-ball dream on her big day? Say Yes to the Dress airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.