'Say Yes to the Dress' Bride's Close Bond With Her Sister Prompts Interesting Dress Request in Exclusive Season 20 Premiere Sneak Peek

Say Yes to the Dress is back with a landmark 20th season filled with beautiful dresses, outrageous requests and stunning brides. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of the Saturday, July 9 season premiere, bride Kerry's close bond with her sister has her looking for a dress that fits not only her but also her sister.

Coming to Kleinfeld to find the perfect gown to make her look like a "snack," bride Kerry's outrageous entourage, including her mother and sister, are making their own fun trying on crowns as bridal consultant Zoey finds Kerry a stunning Stella York gown. Kerry seems annoyed as her mom and sister parade around in their newfound accessories, telling her sister to take a seat.

"I see that everybody has chosen an accessory," she tells the camera dryly. "This is my day. I'm shopping for my wedding dress and I don't have time for all of this." When the attention turns back to the bride, the consensus is that while the gown is absolutely stunning, it's not the "snack" Kerry is looking for to make husband-to-be Jordan swoon.

It does fit one major stipulation, however. "Actually, [i] like wanna make sure that you can fit under it," Kerry tells her sister, who begins to find her way under the tulle of the skirt. "My sister needs to be as close to me at all times as physically possible," Kerry explains to the camera. "Cause she's my little bubbe." While Kerry's crew doesn't seem phased by the new dress requirement, consultant Zoey is certainly taken aback.

"You know, I really- why is this happening?" she asks in a confessional. "Kerry's sister gets into the skirt and I'm just like, standing there. I don't know what to do with that." Kerry explains of her grand plan for the dress, "I thought it would be funny if like I get back to, you know, the room at the end of the night and I'm like, 'Hey Jordan, I'm here.' And then all of a sudden..." Her sister pops out, "I'm here too!"


Both Kerry and her sister agree that the groom would "love" their little prank. "Here's the thing," Kerry's sister tells Zoey. "Sometimes I live with my sister, and so I call Jordan my roomie. So it would just like be fitting if I, on their wedding day pop out." Kerry adds, "She just needs to fit into like, every aspect of the day. With her new goal in mind, Kerry agrees she's not quite ready to say yes to this dress. "Regardless of my sister fitting under it, I wanna keep looking for more," she says. Say Yes to the Dress returns for a brand new season Saturday, July 9 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.